Nov. 25/16


To Chris and staff


This is my note of thanks for a job that was not only well done, but done with a huge measure of integrity and professionalism.  As you recall, I had a crack in the windshield that needed to be replaced. Upon fixing the windshield, an issue with a blade removing it had caused a scrape along the opening , removing some paint. Chris was very quick to phone me about it, and upon arrival to the garage, proceeded to show me the damage. He was adamant about paying for it to be fixed as it was their fault. My car was in the body shop the next week, and happy to say it looks fabulous!  I was also supplied with a vehicle for the 3 days it took to be painted as well.  I am so appreciative of the way this matter was handled, the honesty that Chris professed, and the excellent service that I received. Thank you again,… you truly are “Superior”…




Hi Chris,
Thought I’d drop you a quick email to let you know that all of the accessories have been working perfectly since you and you’re team repaired the wire in your shop.  I have had no further issues and (touch wood) it’s been running pretty good in my opinion.  Thanks again for doing all the extras … reassembling the steering column, washing the exterior, vacuuming the interior, and providing an assessment of things that I should likely attended to (and anything else I may have forgotten!).  The service I received was amazing and truly appreciated.  Thank you!  The “blue whale” lives to die another day! 🙂
Thanks again for your exceptional service!!!