Excellent service! Quality work! They really look after their customers!



September /2019

Couldn’t be happier! Traveling cross country from Alberta on our way to a family reunion in clear lake I broke the back window out of our 2004 Toyota Sienna. No place in town had a window, not even the Toyota dealer could get the replacement window until the following week. These guys not only had the window but fit us in the next day between other appointments, they popped the window by the time they promised and we were on our way. Friendly and honest owner and employees reminded me of our trusted shop from home. Thanks again guys!



August /2019

Very friendly staff. Great rates for repairs. I really appreciate that they will work until the problem is either fixed or they are positive that something is defective. They will absolutely be getting all of my automotive business from now on.



July /2019

Quality service in speedy manner, fair prices. 10/10 would recommend any time.



March /2019

I was stuck and not able to get to work due to a wheel bearing in very bad shape. After calling around to multiple repair shops I followed a Google search and talked with Chris at Superior Auto Service & Glass Ltd. Chris was very polite and understood the importance of having the bearing replaced right away. He got me into the shop within hours and had the wheel bearing diagnosed and replaced in a little over an hour. I was very impressed with the service. The final price was very reasonable as well. I am very happy with Superior Auto and will be taking my car there when needed.



Dec / 2018

The team at Superior Auto is fantastic! They will always make sure that you’re taken care of. I highly recommend them for anything that your vehicle may need!



Feb / 2018

Dropped by to see Chris today…It had been a while, due to my CR-V being on warranty…I have dealt here for a long while before.. and have always been happy. Today was for a quick tire repair and it was handled fast, and Chris did not charge me ! He appreciates his customers, and has a great attitude towards providing great service. Chris has helped me in the past and has exceeded my expectation once again! Thank Buddy. See you the next time I need service from someone I can really trust.


Aug /2017

I experienced very superior service from Superior Auto Service & Glass this morning. I have not had any auto work performed there, until today. I was involved in an accident and was getting a runaround from MPI regarding what to  do with the vehicle until they could arrange an adjustment appointment, probably in 5 to 7 days. MPI wanted me to just store the vehicle with their towing contractor during this time, and rent a car for the week. In fact, the damage was such that a relatively simple repair that required using a hoist, removing a part, and reviewing the damage done for safety factors, would allow me to drive until MPI could get an appointment for me for a claims adjustor. Full Tilt Towing took me to Superior Auto Service and the fantastic staff there performed the necessary adjustments so that I can drive until MPI can see me. All that they asked for in return was that I might think of them in the future when I needed auto work—what a great experience! I will never forget them! They handled the situation so professionally and kindly, a thousand times “thank you” for making my bad day turn into a good day. I will return, and I will recommend your services to the really important people I know—all my friends and family!




Nov. 25/16


To Chris and staff


This is my note of thanks for a job that was not only well done, but done with a huge measure of integrity and professionalism.  As you recall, I had a crack in the windshield that needed to be replaced. Upon fixing the windshield, an issue with a blade removing it had caused a scrape along the opening , removing some paint. Chris was very quick to phone me about it, and upon arrival to the garage, proceeded to show me the damage. He was adamant about paying for it to be fixed as it was their fault. My car was in the body shop the next week, and happy to say it looks fabulous!  I was also supplied with a vehicle for the 3 days it took to be painted as well.  I am so appreciative of the way this matter was handled, the honesty that Chris professed, and the excellent service that I received. Thank you again,… you truly are “Superior”…




Hi Chris,
Thought I’d drop you a quick email to let you know that all of the accessories have been working perfectly since you and you’re team repaired the wire in your shop.  I have had no further issues and (touch wood) it’s been running pretty good in my opinion.  Thanks again for doing all the extras … reassembling the steering column, washing the exterior, vacuuming the interior, and providing an assessment of things that I should likely attended to (and anything else I may have forgotten!).  The service I received was amazing and truly appreciated.  Thank you!  The “blue whale” lives to die another day! 🙂
Thanks again for your exceptional service!!!